Simone's Slippery Slit

Simone likes to start any fucking session with a little slit stroking. So after she had stripped her tall, thin, tanned body naked, she sat on the couch and opened her legs. She was pleased to see her partner lean forward so he could get a good look at Simone’s pussy lips. She opened her pussy with her fingers and began slipping her fingers over her cunt folds. She rubbed her clit until it was swollen and wet, then she slid two fingers into her snatch.

She finger fucked herself for a few minutes, enjoying the experienced fingertips that nagged into her cunt and massaged her fleshy bud. After a few more minutes of this, her partner approached her and shoved his cock into her mouth. Simone loved getting her mouth fucked by a huge dick, and she opened her mouth wide so the cock could slide down her throat. Simone sucked that cock like a professional, and took breaks every few minutes to lick at the tip of her partner’s cock.

Simone moaned to her partner that she needed to get fucked, so her happily pulled his cock from her lips and sat her on his lap. He plunged his big prick deep into Simone’s pussy hole, and after a few hard thrusts, pulled his dick from her cunt and shoved it deep into her asshole.

Simone screamed and came immediately at the feeling of being stretched wide open by her partner’s huge dick. Her little asshole got fucked harder and harder, and all 10 inches of it disappeared into her butt. Her partner needed to see his jizz drip out of Simone’s hole, so he blew his cum deep into her asshole. After filling her asshole with cum, Simone’s partner pulled his cock out of her and watched his cum drip out of her creamy pie.

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Lucie’s Creampie Surprise

“Stroke it for me,” he ordered, and Lucie obeyed immediately. She cut short her teasing dance and collapsed backwards onto her boyfriend’s sofa, spreading her legs far and wide, giving him a full view of her swollen pink pussy. He nodded and she went at it, seductively licking two fingers before slipping them into her wet hole, quivering with delight. She paused now and then to stroke the length of her trembling labia and trace sweet little circles around her throbbing pink clit. Before long, she was breathing hard, and her boyfriend watched in anticipation and her hips began to buck under her skillful manipulations.

“Enough,” he said, and she rose at once. He came forward and she backed into him, relishing the feeling of his tense cock pressing against the cleft of her soft, round ass She reached between her legs to guide it into her dripping pussy when she stopped her. “I think that’s had enough,” were his only words as he held her firmly in place and slipped his massive cock between her voluminous cheeks and into her waiting ass. She gasped in shock and tightened around him in surprise, which only strengthen his resolve.

He began to pump in and out of her tight, perfect ass, all the while fondling her sweet plump breasts with two strong hands. As he worked faster and faster, Lucie listened to the sound of his moaning and knew he had no plans to stop. Just the thought of being filled up from behind with warm, sticky cum was enough to make her climax at once. Her ass went tight around his cock as her pussy began to convulse in wave after wave of pleasure. Her own orgasm was still in full effect when she felt him begin to thrust harder and faster, almost desperate to cum. She pushed her hungry ass back against him and that was all it took. He came instantly, filling her up with burst after burst of thick white cum. As it began to drip out of her and mixed with the hot cum that her pussy had expelled just seconds prior, she let out a sigh of contented relief and slipped off of her lover’s cock, falling to the floor totally spent.

Original post by (Slick Ian)

Cute Little Hottie Loves Taking it Up the Ass

Lucie is one of those hot little blondes that you would just love to fuck. This cute hottie loves to show off and she begins by giving you a good look at her pert little nipples and full breasts. When she grins at the camera, you can tell she needs a man.

But when she sits on the sofa and uses her long pink dildo on herself, you know she needs a man. Lucie takes her toy and shoves it deep inside her sex. She gives herself a few deep plunges and then takes it out of her cunt and licks her juices off it. She sucks on the toy and you can bet she is imagining and wishing it were a real cock being jammed into her mouth rather than a hunk of plastic.

After she has licked her toy clean, she lowers it and eases it into her pink asshole. Her tender flesh spreads open as she rams it inside of herself. But even this is not enough for this tart.

Her guy shows up and decides it is time she had the real thing. Lucie gets him hard and then climbs on board as she pushes herself down on his shaft, burying it deep inside her hungry pussy. Her cunt lips are swollen and pink as she rides him hard and deep. Her tits bounce up and down as she bangs herself on his member. What she does not know is that this same huge cock is about to be plunged into her ass.

Lucie gets off his cock and spreads her legs as he enters her tight, puckered asshole. He wastes no time in shoving his thick cock all the way inside of her. When he is done plunging he is completely inside this woman, his massive cock buried to the hilt.

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Kara was spending yet another boring Monday morning in her office. She was done with most of her paperwork, and she was desperate for something exciting to do. Suddenly she got a very naughty idea. She closed her office door and pulled her suit jacket and pants off. Kara sat down half naked on her office couch and opened her legs. She reached her fingers to her crotch and started slowly massaging her clit.

Once she got going, she knew she had to finish. Kara pulled her bra down so she could squeeze her tits while she fingered her wet cunt. She was fingering her cunt with her own hand and just about to squirt her orgasm all over her own thighs when her office door opened and her coworker, Sam, walked in.

He stared as Kara came all over her fingers while he watched. Then she left her legs spread wide and looked invitingly at him. He had always wanted to fuck Kara, so he dropped his pants and offered her his rock hard cock. Kara took him in her hand and sucked him into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down his shaft, letting her tongue tease and lick him.

Sam couldn’t wait another second to get his prick into Kara, so he pulled her onto his lap and shoved his dick deep into her soaking wet cunt. Kara got his prick nice and wet with her pussy juice, then pulled him from her pussy and let him moved his way into her tight asshole. Sam groaned and grabbed Kara’s hips to get deeper into her fuck hole. Kara bounced on his prick until she felt his cock throb a juicy orgasm into her ass. Then Sam rolled Kara over and watched as all of his sticky jizz leaked out of her asshole and onto the couch.

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Rena Gets Reamed

Rena loves to fuck herself and she loves to get fucked. If you asked her, she probably couldn’t tell you which she likes better, but she could tell you where she likes it the best: Rena loves to get fucked in the ass. She likes getting her cunt licked out and even getting fucked in her pussy, but when she gets a dildo or dick in the ass, she cums immediately.

Rena was putting on a little show for her boyfriend. Sometimes she likes to show off her body by stripping naked, letting her skirt fall to the floor and spreading her pussy lips for him, then rubbing her little clit while she squeezes her nipples. Then Rena likes to get her dildo and spread her legs. She licked and sucked on the dildo until it was slick with her spit; then she slid the dildo in her ass.

She penetrated her asshole with the dildo and groaned as she pushed it deeper inside. Every inch of the dildo that slid up her ass made her closer and closer to orgasm. Her boyfriend watched as Rena fucked her own ass with the dildo. Finally, he couldn’t wait another minute. He dropped his pants and shoved his cock up Rena’s asshole. Rena screamed and immediately let her juicy orgasm go on his balls. He fucked her ass harder and harder. Every thrust put a little more of his enormous prick into Rena’s well stretched ass. Her hole was wide and ready, waiting for her boyfriend’s cum explosion. Rena pleaded with him to fill her with cum, so once he had filled her ass with his cock, he squirted his load of jizz up into Rena’s asshole. He pulled out and watched his creamy load drip back out of Rena’s cream pie.

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This sexy, blonde creampie is what a porn star should look like. Sindee Jennings‘s blonde hair and blue eyes go perfectly with those huge, perky tits of hers. Her nipples are huge, hard and ready for action, to go along with the faces she makes and moans she lets out while she’s showing off her wet, juicy snatch. Wow!  What a pussy!

It was like after she spread those luscious thighs of hers, the sun came out. Her pussy should be called sunshine. This pussy is big and beautiful! When she slowly went down to shows us her clam, you could tell that it was going to be one of those pussies that you’d remember forever. She spread her lips and I swear to god they were the size of suitcase handles.  But amazingly wet, pink and tasty suitcase handles. This pussy will mesmerize you. There is not one cock in this whole world that would not love to pound this muff into submission.

This pussy looks just as sweet as a creampie, a hot, young, creampie. You could easily imagine sticking your tongue into a pussy like this and licking it until your tongue gets numb and cramps up. And when that happens, you could seriously fuck those scrumptious pussy lips until the some comes up. That beaver is waiting for its piece of wood.  She wants to chew on it and then wrap those wet puusy lips around it.

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Laura’s husband wanted to do something special for Laura for her 30th birthday. Laura had always complained about her small breasts, so, when her husband suggested she get implants as a birthday gift, she immediately agreed. Of course, the payoff for Laura’s husband would come when Laura was able to finally show off her big beauties.

Laura kept him at bay for a while saying she was still too sore for him to play with her new titties. But then one night, she surprised him with a strip tease. Laura began by taking off her long skirt, showing her long, lean legs and her sexy little panties. But then Laura began to take off her top, sliding one strap down at a time until both of her new melons were exposed. Her nipples were hard and ready to be licked and sucked.

She rubbed her body and her enormous boobs down her husband’s face and body until she reached his crotch. She took his rock hard cock from its denim prison and took him into her mouth, using both her lips and her hands to make him harder than he had ever been.

Then Laura let her husband take her. She sat on his lap, feeling his hardness fill her tight snatch. She sighed and came all over his cock – he felt so good inside her since she had not been fucked in a long time. Then she bounced up and down on him, and as he watched her new tits bounce with her, he shoved his cock deeper into her hole.

Finally, he pulled out of Laura’s little snatch and fucked her asshole. She called out for him to fuck her harder and he did until he came in her ass, stroking himself so he could squirt further into her ass.

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Original post by (Slick Ian)

Cute Young Victoria Gets Filled.

Victoria loves to get her little cunt fucked. She loves having her man’s huge rod pounding deep inside her pussy, making her throb and burst with orgasm. But Victoria especially loves it when her man fills her gash with his hot creamy cum, and then she gets to let it all drip back out of her hot hole.

Victoria was wearing a skimpy little pink dress that her man loved to see her wear, and especially loved to see her take off. She sat in front of him and lowered the straps of the dress, letting her tiny tits show. She stood to drop the dress to the floor, and bent over slowly so her man could see her perfect ass in the tiny pink thong. Reaching up, Victoria pulled her thing panties down and showed off her already soaking wet cunt.

She opened her thighs wide and grabbed a vibrator. She began to rub the vibrator all over her slippery cunt. Soon she was sliding the plastic cock deep into her pussy, pushing it in and out and grinding her pussy on it. Her man shoved his cock between Victoria’s lips, and she gladly sucked him. Her lips slid up and down his shaft until he couldn’t wait anymore: he had to fuck her tight pussy hole.

Victoria sat down on her man’s lap and opened her thighs as wide as she could. She spread her cunt lips with her fingers and let her man’s cock slide into her pussy. As he went deeper and deeper into her snatch, Victoria came closer to cumming. Finally, she released a flood of pussy juice down her man’s balls and shaft as he squirted his cum deep inside her slit.

After getting filled with hot jizz, Victoria crotched down with spread legs and began to finger her well fucked cunt. As she pulled out her finger, the hot creamy load inside her cunt flowed to the floor.

Original post by (Slick Ian)

Jamie Elle Loves The Taste Of Cum

Jamie Elle only looks like the good girl next door. With her blonde hair and her short, pert body, she looks like she’d never heard of sex before. But first impressions can be deceiving.

When Jamie Elle is alone, she likes to play with herself, fondling her tits and fucking her pussy with her fingers, sometimes her whole hand until she finally passes out from waves of orgasms. But no one else knows about this side of her life.

So when Brian asks her out on a date, she doesn’t realize that he’s been peeking in her windows and he knows all about her between the sheets experience. He asks her to strut around for him, wearing that blue outfit leaves nothing to the imagination, but Jamie Elle is in the mood, so he starts to finger herself anyways. Why tease the guy any more than she has to?

One finger goes into her already wet pussy after she strips, and then another, in and out she goes. A pro at finding all of the right spots to turn herself on. Instead of letting Brian just watch, she pulls out his hard cock and starts to take him deep into her throat. It turns out she’s not just good at playing with herself, but she’s already quite good at giving a blowjob. Faster and faster, she moves his dick out of her mouth, bringing him to the edge of cumming.

But why stop there? She suddenly wants to fuck Brian in every position: from behind, on top, from the side, with her on top. You name it, she does it. Finally, he cums inside of her insatiable pussy and she creams right onto his chest. Taking a taste of him, Jamie Elle is no longer the girl next door, Brian realizes. She’s the hottest fuck of his life.

Original post by (Slick Ian)