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Belicia is One Hot and Horny Cock Slut

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Belicia is one hot little number. She’s a natural born cock sucker and she loves to be fucked and have sex. She is a provocative girl and will always look you right in the eye and tell you to show her your cock. She really likes to get a reaction out of guys and she will often do very shocking things just so that she can see what sort of reaction they give her. I love fucking her in the cunt or in the ass or in the mouth or anywhere else that I can get my cock into. Her body is just so full of surprises and she is so creative when she is making love that you really never know how things are going to end up.

She really does like to have a man’s big long cock in her mouth and she will really go to work sucking that cock and making sure that you feel as good as she can make it feel. She will let the penis go right down to the back of throat and will try to allow the shaft of the cock to be rubbing against her mouth and teeth to make sure that it gets the maximum pleasure. She will suck and lick and drink everything that comes out and at the end of the whole thing, after she has gladly swallowed all of your cum, she will ask for more.

Belicia has a very sexy cunt and I love to eat it. She also has a cute, pink little anus and there is nothing more inviting or that you would rather fill up with cum than her ass. The sight of Belicia’s asshole with all of that cum dripping out of it is really just amazing. She is sexy, no doubt about it.

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Adela is Such a Slut She'll Fuck Anyone

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Adela is a hot little thing and she really likes having sex with anyone who is willing to do the honours for her. She will strip very slowly before sex to ensure that her partner is very excited, and she really enjoys being the center of attention so she will strip and dance and perform for men before she fucks them. She is really quite a handful and really knows how to excite her men. She loves being man handled and stared at by guys when she goes into bars and as she subtly flashes bits of her flesh, she gets wetter and wetter down in her panties.

She really likes sucking cock too, especially because she knows she has a reputation for it and she likes the fact that other guys talk about her as the best cock sucker in town. She is such a slut and so eager for attention that she will really do a lot of things solely for the attention that they will get her.

She loves being fucked, either in the ass, the pussy or the mouth. If she has been sucking a man’s cock then she likes to let him slide into her ass or pussy afterwards, while his shaft is still wet and lubricated from all of the sucking. She really likes it when men scream her name out loud when they are having sex. This makes her feel like a sort of a sex goddess. She is really quite something in the bedroom and will make a lot of noise and create a lot of excitement. She is always the heart of every party and thrives on the sexual attentions of men. At most parties, if she’s having a really good time, she will end up fucking someone in the bathroom, and maybe more than one.

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