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Sweet Creamy Cunt Sara

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Sara loves her tall, lean body. She loves to show it off and often takes off her clothes in front of her friends just because she’s bored. So it was not a shock that she eventually got offered a part in a porn movie. Sara was nervous but decided that she really wanted to get her pussy filled with a hard cock on video.

Sara was very excited about stripping on camera; she happily removed her top and then opened her legs for the lens. She pulled her short skirt up over her hips and showed off her yellow thong panties. After her skirt was around her ankles, Sara started to massage her clit through her thongs until she soaked them with her juices.

When she was completely naked, Sara gestured for her partner to come to her. He lay down in front of her and Sara grabbed his cock. She licked the tip of his rock hard dick to tease him, and then let her lips slowly slide down his shaft. She started bobbing her head over his cock faster and faster, stroking his hard shaft with her hand. She hoped to get a mouth full of creamy cum, but her partner had other ideas.

He bent Sara over on the couch and stuck his rock hard dick into her wet pussy. He shoved himself as deep as he could go into her hole, and she was very surprised at the moved of his penetration. But as he pulled out and pushed back in, she started to enjoy the surprise fuck. Soon Sara was moaning and wailing and begging for more and more of the huge dick. Sara came all over her partner’s enormous rod, and then she got a little more. Sara’s partner squirted his cum deep inside Sara’s well fucked hole, and then Sara opened her legs so the camera could record her creamy pie as the jizz dripped out.

Creampie for Ursula

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Ursula was a young woman who loved picking up men at local bars. She would ask them to come back to her apartment, and then she would surprise them with an all night orgy sessions. But one night Ursula found herself with a man who wanted more than just her pussy.

Ursula’s new man admired Ursula as she stripped for him. She started with her dress, slowly untying the strings and letting the top down to reveal her perky tits. She squeezed her boobs and played with her nipples until they were hard. Then she slowly spread her legs, revealing to her man that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She reached between her thighs and began massaging her wet clit. As she touched herself, her clit swelled with pleasure and her pussy got soaking wet. Once she was completely naked, Ursula was ready for a good pussy fuck.

She sat down on her man’s lap and opened her legs. She fingered her pussy as she slid down her man’s rock hard shaft. She felt him fill her up and then groaned as her pussy stretched wide to let the rest of his enormous prick into her. Ursula rode that huge cock, bouncing up and down until he hit just the right spot. She felt her pussy clench and release her juices all down her man’s cock.

Then Ursula was surprised when her new man pushed her to the couch and rolled her onto her stomach. She arched her back, ready to let him fuck her quivering cunt again, when she felt him shove his prick deep into her ass. She gasped, and then pushed back into him, letting him get a deep as he could. Soon Ursula was cumming again, and her tightening hole pulsed around her man’s cock until he let go of his thick cum. He pulled out of Ursula’s hole so he could see the creamy pie he had made.

Mature Anica Takes An Assfull Of Jizz.

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Every man wants a woman who loves anal sex. He wants to watch his girl take his entire cock deep into her tight and perfect ass, and then he wants her to show off her open and stretched hole while his creamy cum drips back out of her ass. But not every man is lucky enough to have a woman who will show off her cream pie for him.

Anica’s man is one of the few lucky men who gets a dripping cream pie whenever he wants it. Anica loves getting fucked in the ass, and she lets he man penetrate her tight hole regularly. But she needs to get herself warmed up first before she will let her man take her in the butt.

Anica likes to let her man watch as she does a little strip show. She loves putting on sexy lingerie and then slowly taking it off for him. Anica will remove her bra, letting her man see her perfect titties, and then she will open her thighs for him. Anica strokes her cunt through her thong panties, letting her juices soak through the lacey fabric. Finally she will pull down her panties and finger fuck herself until her man is begging to fuck her.

Once he is desperate to stick his cock into her cunt, Anica will let her man join her and sink his throbbing rod deep in her cunt. His cock slips in easily because of her sticky pussy juice, and his pounding cock almost immediately brings her to a pussy clenching orgasm.

Once Anica has soaked her man’s cock with her pussy cum, he pulls his hard dick out of her cunt and slowly penetrates her tight asshole. Anica scream with delight as her man’s huge cock stretches her wide. Every inch of his dick makes her moan and groan, and finally Anica cums again. Her throbbing body pushes her man over the edge and he fills her asshole with his spewing cum. After he pulls his cock from her wide open asshole, Anica likes to finger her asshole and push the jizz from her ass for her man to see.

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Cute Young Victoria Gets Filled.

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Victoria loves to get her little cunt fucked. She loves having her man’s huge rod pounding deep inside her pussy, making her throb and burst with orgasm. But Victoria especially loves it when her man fills her gash with his hot creamy cum, and then she gets to let it all drip back out of her hot hole.

Victoria was wearing a skimpy little pink dress that her man loved to see her wear, and especially loved to see her take off. She sat in front of him and lowered the straps of the dress, letting her tiny tits show. She stood to drop the dress to the floor, and bent over slowly so her man could see her perfect ass in the tiny pink thong. Reaching up, Victoria pulled her thing panties down and showed off her already soaking wet cunt.

She opened her thighs wide and grabbed a vibrator. She began to rub the vibrator all over her slippery cunt. Soon she was sliding the plastic cock deep into her pussy, pushing it in and out and grinding her pussy on it. Her man shoved his cock between Victoria’s lips, and she gladly sucked him. Her lips slid up and down his shaft until he couldn’t wait anymore: he had to fuck her tight pussy hole.

Victoria sat down on her man’s lap and opened her thighs as wide as she could. She spread her cunt lips with her fingers and let her man’s cock slide into her pussy. As he went deeper and deeper into her snatch, Victoria came closer to cumming. Finally, she released a flood of pussy juice down her man’s balls and shaft as he squirted his cum deep inside her slit.

After getting filled with hot jizz, Victoria crotched down with spread legs and began to finger her well fucked cunt. As she pulled out her finger, the hot creamy load inside her cunt flowed to the floor.

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Penny Lanes Milky Way

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

Penny loves creampies. Not the kind you eat, but the kind that come dripping from her twat after she’s taken a huge cum load in her cunt. And Penny loves getting fucked, especially on camera. She loves stripping off her clothes in front of the lens, first lifting her top to expose her tiny nipples. She plays with her tits, letting the camera get a good shot of how perfect her perky tits are. Then Penny opens her shorts and slowly pulls then down so the camera can get a good view of her bare, shaved cunt. Penny spreads her thighs wide for the lens, stroking her little clit and making sure every fold of her pussy is recoded on film.

Once Penny is warmed up for the camera, she begs to have her pussy fucked by a big guy. Penny will open her legs for any guy with a huge rod, especially one who wants to give her a huge, sticky creampie. Penny grabbed a guy and pulled his pants down, taking his cock into her mouth before he knew what was going on. Soon he was enjoying the feeling of Penny’s lips running along his shaft and her little tongue licking the head of his prick.

Penny then straddled her new man and lowered her throbbing cunt over his rock hard prick. He pushed his prick up into her little hole, shoving it as deep as he could go. Penny gasped at his girth, and loved it when she felt him drive deeper and deeper into her cunt. Once he started to pound into her, Penny let him make her cum all over his cock. Finally, he let go of his wad of jizz, squirting his cream into Penny’s pie. Penny pulled her cunt away from his prick in time to watch as all his juice dripped out of her creamy pie.

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