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Cute Young Victoria Gets Filled.

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Victoria loves to get her little cunt fucked. She loves having her man’s huge rod pounding deep inside her pussy, making her throb and burst with orgasm. But Victoria especially loves it when her man fills her gash with his hot creamy cum, and then she gets to let it all drip back out of her hot hole.

Victoria was wearing a skimpy little pink dress that her man loved to see her wear, and especially loved to see her take off. She sat in front of him and lowered the straps of the dress, letting her tiny tits show. She stood to drop the dress to the floor, and bent over slowly so her man could see her perfect ass in the tiny pink thong. Reaching up, Victoria pulled her thing panties down and showed off her already soaking wet cunt.

She opened her thighs wide and grabbed a vibrator. She began to rub the vibrator all over her slippery cunt. Soon she was sliding the plastic cock deep into her pussy, pushing it in and out and grinding her pussy on it. Her man shoved his cock between Victoria’s lips, and she gladly sucked him. Her lips slid up and down his shaft until he couldn’t wait anymore: he had to fuck her tight pussy hole.

Victoria sat down on her man’s lap and opened her thighs as wide as she could. She spread her cunt lips with her fingers and let her man’s cock slide into her pussy. As he went deeper and deeper into her snatch, Victoria came closer to cumming. Finally, she released a flood of pussy juice down her man’s balls and shaft as he squirted his cum deep inside her slit.

After getting filled with hot jizz, Victoria crotched down with spread legs and began to finger her well fucked cunt. As she pulled out her finger, the hot creamy load inside her cunt flowed to the floor.

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