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Tonya Loves to be Covered in Cum

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Tonya is the biggest party animal I have ever met. At the club she is the centre of attention and everyone will be looking right at her. She loves all of this attention and just gets totally turned on by all of it. She really plays up to guys sexual fantasies and will totally let you be turned on by the way she dances and moves around the club. She also wears the most provocative clothing and you can’t help but notice her. This is just what Tonya likes and makes sure that every guy is looking right at her. She will dance and play around with her skirt and give you little flashes of her butt and cunt. Sometimes she is not even wearing any underwear, which is just amazing.

Sometimes she even likes to be watched when she is getting fucked or giving a blow job. I’ve been to many parties where there have been a crowd of guys gathering around her as she proceeds to suck them off, one by one. She loves being totally covered in cum and having all of those guys shoot off in her face and in her mouth, one after the other. She is actually quite a slut, but she is so hot and so much fun that everyone just cries out for more from her.

If you are fucking her in the ass, she will really go wild. She loves being fucked hard like a dog, and if you want you can just forget all of your cares and fuck her ass as hard as you like. If you fill her up with your cum, then she is even happier and she will always be glad for you and every other guy at the party to watch your cum flow out of her ass hole and down her legs.

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This Horny Slut Is So Excited She Can't Wait For Her Massive Cumload

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Jess is one hot babe and she loves to play with her nipples. She is so playful that she will really just do anything to give guys a hard on and to start making them get all horny. She is a really sexy woman and her breasts are so good that she loves to show them off. Just flirting around, and showing her cleavage, and sometimes even a little nipple, is enough to make Jess get all wet down below and to get very excited. Once this has happened you can rest assured that you are going to get a chance to fuck her, one way or the other.

She wears very sexy lingerie and there is nothing I enjoy quite so much as ripping her clothes off of her body and looking at her underwear. And then, the natural next step is to strip off her underwear as well so that she is completely naked, and then fuck her hot naked body all night long.

Jess is great for giving amazing blow jobs. If there is one thing that she could do to me all night without me ever getting tired or bored, it would be to get a blow job from her. She has an amazing mouth and she knows just how to use it. She will work her mouth and tongue up and down the shaft and let her tongue linger on the tip of your cock, and then flick it away all over the rest of your cock so that she can feel the penis throb and know when you are about to come. When she feels that you are close to coming, she will just open wide and take everything that you have to give, right into her mouth, and swallow with a sexy smile on her face.

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