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Sexy Slut Lorena Puts Her Pussy To Work

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Michael had been thinking about Lorena’s dripping creamy pie all afternoon. His ary Lorena had come into his office after lunch to take dictation, and had taken more dick than actual dictation.View the free creampie video clips now.

Anal Virgin Ariana Takes A Thick Cock In Her Ass

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Ariana is a super horny waitress in restaurant where she gets hit on all the time. Today we were lucky enough to be the first to flirt with her and were rewarded with an amazingly hardcore dripping creampie video. Watch as Ariana takes a thick cock deep into her ass!

Hot Slut Melissa Gets A Backdoor Surprise

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Melissa is Jeremy’s college English teacher. As a graduate student, Melissa taught a freshman writing class. She knew that a lot of her students thought she was hot, but she was never attracted to any of them until the day Jeremy walked into her classroom. From the minute Melissa saw him, she knew she would be holding him after class.

Once the last student had left the room, Melissa closed and locked the door. Jeremy sat on a desk and looked at her, unable to believe what was about to happen. But he began to believe it when Melissa began unbuttoning her shirt, opening it to reveal her naked breasts. Melissa unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor, then turned and bent over to show Jeremy the pink lace thong she was wearing. Melissa slowly pulled her thong down over her little ass letting Jeremy see the clit ring she had piercing her bald clam.

Melissa made Jeremy watch as she took his pants off and took his hard cock out of his pants. She put him in her mouth and sucked him, licking the head of his cock first and then working her way down his shaft. Finally she put his entire dick into her mouth and bobbed her head over him.

Melissa lay down and let Jeremy enter her, first dipping his stick into her wet pussy and then, once he had a little taste of twat, opening her asshole for him with her fingers and guiding his cock into her orifice. He fucked his teacher’s ass, pumping and pounding until his balls became tight and he released his load into her tight little ass. His cock throbbed, pushing the hot stickiness deep into her. He pulled out and looked at the gaping hole he had created with his huge manhood.

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Hot Blonde Gets Her Ass Filled

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Harmony is not just a musical term. Harmony is also a very bad girl who loves getting her little ass pounded hard by her next door neighbor. Harmony loves to tease him, strutting her stuff around the backyard in a tiny little bikini. She goes outside when he’s in his yard and she bends over, rubbing lotion all over her smooth skin and showing off her perfect, round ass. It’s no wonder that her neighbor wanted to enter through Harmony’s back door!

Harmony offered her neighbor a glass of lemonade. As soon as he came inside, however, it was clear that Harmony wanted him to cum inside her. She sat down on the couch and spread her legs apart. Then she reached into her bikini bottoms and began to tease her clit with her fingers. Her neighbor immediately got the message and approached to take off her bottoms. As he did, he saw her bald clam emerge, wet with juices already. Harmony took off her top, showing her neighbor the perfect little nipples perched on her big, full tits. He bent down and sucked her clit, getting her a little wetter before entry.

Once he had Harmony on her back, there was no stopping him. He stuck his cock into her snatch just to get it wet, then pulled out and plunged into her ass. Her warm tightness surrounded him as he pushed further and further into her hole. She loved every minute of it, begging him to fuck her ass harder. He obliged, pounding into her and hearing his balls slap her ass cheeks. When he couldn’t wait any longer, he climaxed jizzing deep in her ass. She loved having his throbbing rod buried in her ass hole. As he pulled out, his eyes were treated with a sweet little cream pie for his trouble.

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