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Jamie Elle Loves The Taste Of Cum

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Jamie Elle only looks like the good girl next door. With her blonde hair and her short, pert body, she looks like she’d never heard of sex before. But first impressions can be deceiving.

When Jamie Elle is alone, she likes to play with herself, fondling her tits and fucking her pussy with her fingers, sometimes her whole hand until she finally passes out from waves of orgasms. But no one else knows about this side of her life.

So when Brian asks her out on a date, she doesn’t realize that he’s been peeking in her windows and he knows all about her between the sheets experience. He asks her to strut around for him, wearing that blue outfit leaves nothing to the imagination, but Jamie Elle is in the mood, so he starts to finger herself anyways. Why tease the guy any more than she has to?

One finger goes into her already wet pussy after she strips, and then another, in and out she goes. A pro at finding all of the right spots to turn herself on. Instead of letting Brian just watch, she pulls out his hard cock and starts to take him deep into her throat. It turns out she’s not just good at playing with herself, but she’s already quite good at giving a blowjob. Faster and faster, she moves his dick out of her mouth, bringing him to the edge of cumming.

But why stop there? She suddenly wants to fuck Brian in every position: from behind, on top, from the side, with her on top. You name it, she does it. Finally, he cums inside of her insatiable pussy and she creams right onto his chest. Taking a taste of him, Jamie Elle is no longer the girl next door, Brian realizes. She’s the hottest fuck of his life.

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