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Olga Drinks Cum From A Wine Glass

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

If there’s one thing that Olga loves, it’s having her gorgeous pussy filled with a thick cock. If there’s another thing, it’s feeling that cock throb away inside her as it fills up her already stuffed pussy with wave after wave of pearly white cum!

Usually we have to talk girls into doing creampies, but when we put Olga in front of the camera, she knew exactly what she was in for and could hardly seem to wait to get to the action. Before we even got our guy on set, she had already peeled off her pretty pink top and was fondling her massive natural breasts, gently tweaking her perky nipples and getting herself hot. She was practically dripping already when our guy arrived and she bent over, presenting him with a wonderful view of her beautiful shaved pussy.

Normally, our guy would start with some cock sucking, but seeing what was ready and waiting for him, he decided it was a good day to cut to the chase, and before we knew it, he had sat down and was lowering pretty Olga onto his lap, slowly slipping the entire length of his massive cock into her trembling wet pussy, one inch at a time.

Hardly able to contain her enthusiasm, Olga spread her legs wide to take him as deep as she could and began to ride his cock, slowly at first and then faster as she fell into a good rhythm that her moaning and fondling herself again.

She rode our guy for what seemed like ages, using expert techniques. She would bring herself all the way up until just the tip of his cock remained in her, and when it seemed like he was about to slip out, she would drop hard onto him, stuffing his entire stiff pole into her in one quick burst. She would ride him furiously and every time he seemed to get close to orgasm, she would back off, building him up over and over again, readying the perfect cumshot.

At last, she couldn’t take it any more and gave our guy a series of quick, hard thrusts that had her swollen pussy lips pressed hard against his body, soaking him in her juices as she came all over his cock. He returned the favor, grabbing her hips and holding her tight as he finally let go and filled her up with a seemingly endless stream of cum.

Olga was stuffed so full, the cum began to drip out of her around the massive cock that still stuffed her full. We’ve never seen someone look so happy.