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Petite Dalia gets a creampie

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Dalia looked at herself in the mirror. Yeah, she was hot. With her red and black lingerie and hot choker, she was ready for anything Damian wanted to give her. He had told her that she should be ready for a hot night at his apartment, but she didn’t know exactly what he was up to. All she knew was that he said he had something to give her.

She licked her lips as she waited for him to buzz her into his apartment. When he grabbed her in the doorway, kissing her hungrily, she knew that they weren’t going to be doing much talking. Damien wanted her mouth on his long hard cock. He wanted her huge lips surrounded his rod, sucking and licking on his until he was ready to cum.

Expertly, she knelt down and took the entire shaft into her mouth and throat. Dalia didn’t know why other girls didn’t like to deep throat. It made her want him all the more when she took him completely in her mouth. After thrusting him in and out of her mouth, she knew that this was the time for Damian’s special present.

Damian had ly seen Dalia playing with herself one day when she’d thought she was alone. She could shove all of her fingers into her pussy as well as her ass, so he thought it might be a good time to see if she could become a dripping creampie for him.

After the amazing head, he turned her around and bent her over onto the bed. Her holes were huge and ripe for his seed to spill out and all over her. He thrust his massive dick into her ass and watched his cum spill onto the sheets. Hot.

She smiled at him. “That’s what you wanted?” she asked. “Oh, I think you may have missed the other hole…”

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