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Mature Anica Takes An Assfull Of Jizz.

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Every man wants a woman who loves anal sex. He wants to watch his girl take his entire cock deep into her tight and perfect ass, and then he wants her to show off her open and stretched hole while his creamy cum drips back out of her ass. But not every man is lucky enough to have a woman who will show off her cream pie for him.

Anica’s man is one of the few lucky men who gets a dripping cream pie whenever he wants it. Anica loves getting fucked in the ass, and she lets he man penetrate her tight hole regularly. But she needs to get herself warmed up first before she will let her man take her in the butt.

Anica likes to let her man watch as she does a little strip show. She loves putting on sexy lingerie and then slowly taking it off for him. Anica will remove her bra, letting her man see her perfect titties, and then she will open her thighs for him. Anica strokes her cunt through her thong panties, letting her juices soak through the lacey fabric. Finally she will pull down her panties and finger fuck herself until her man is begging to fuck her.

Once he is desperate to stick his cock into her cunt, Anica will let her man join her and sink his throbbing rod deep in her cunt. His cock slips in easily because of her sticky pussy juice, and his pounding cock almost immediately brings her to a pussy clenching orgasm.

Once Anica has soaked her man’s cock with her pussy cum, he pulls his hard dick out of her cunt and slowly penetrates her tight asshole. Anica scream with delight as her man’s huge cock stretches her wide. Every inch of his dick makes her moan and groan, and finally Anica cums again. Her throbbing body pushes her man over the edge and he fills her asshole with his spewing cum. After he pulls his cock from her wide open asshole, Anica likes to finger her asshole and push the jizz from her ass for her man to see.

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