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Helena is the Sexiest Little Anal Slut

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Helena is such a slut that I just dream about filling her up with come every day of the week. She is one of the sexiest little cunts that I have ever seen. She has some big old titties with great big beautiful nipples. I could just suck on those nipples and lick those tits all night long. She wears really sexy underwear and I’m sure she is addicted to sex. I love fucking this chick more than anything else.

Helena knows how to take a cock in her mouth too. She will let you fuck her in the mouth for as long as you like. She loves having dildos stuck in her ass and her cute pink anus is just wide open and waiting for something to be stuck in it. She is a sexy girl and there is no doubt about it.

Helena has a little bit of a fetish for being fucked in the ass. She also loves to stick her feet in the air and wiggle her feet while she is being fucked. She likes sucking cocks and if your cock happens to be in her pussy or her ass at any given time, then she will suck on a big rubber dildo instead.

She is so sexy and she loves sex so much that she dresses up nicely and gets all excited even if it is just for a porno shoot. She has a great personality and really knows how to have fun when she is having sex. She likes the way you can play with her clit and her anus and stick your tongue in her and explore her body. She will also play around with your cock and suck on it and then enjoy it a lot when you come. She is a hot thing.

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Horny Kara Takes it Deep in Both Holes

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Kara is a hot redhead with needs. And what she needs is a good hard fucking. But, alas, she has no man. Not to worry, she begins her show by playing with herself, teasing her own pussy and clit until it begins to swell under her touch. Kara knows how to turn herself on and she does a good job of it. Her pink pussy lips begin to shimmer with moisture as she gets wetter and wetter.

Kara is naughty though, she wants more than just a finger in her pussy. She wants something long and hard shoved up her tight ass. She uses a well-oiled dildo on herself, fucking her ass fast and deep as she lies back imagining she has a real man to do this job for her. Her pace quickens as she rams the dildo farther and farther up her ass, bring her closer and closer to orgasm.

But a dildo in the ass is not the same as a man’s hot, thick cock and Kara knows that. Luckily, her man comes by and Kara’s wishes become reality as he takes her from one deep fuck to another. He starts with that well-primed pussy of hers, the one she teased and tormented herself. She climbs atop his cock and buries herself deep down, taking all of him into her wet sex.

Then it’s time for her ass to be fucked and her man is more than happy to oblige with that pleasant task. He drives himself into her hard and deep and pumps her until she squirms with delight. When he cums, it is massive, filling her tight hole to overflowing. Kara moans with intense pleasure as he holds her puckered asshole open and allows cum to flow out of her, dripping down onto her thighs.

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