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Stacey Gets Her Tight Ass Stretched Wide

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Getting most bitches to take a load in the ass is not the easiest task. But Stacey loves it! Stacey’s asshole is always happy to be penetrated and violated in the most erotic of ways. Stacey will take dildos and vibrators to herself at home, but her favorite thing is when her ass is filled with a hot stud’s sticky load.

Hottie Takes A Thick Juicy Load Up Her Ass

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Sexy Hottie Takes A Thick Load

Lucy Lee comes in the guys house take the money in advance , then start to kiss him , lick him, lick his balls and his body and then … you know, in a few words spread her legs for his serious dick.

She likes to be fucked in all her holes but in the ass she likes most , and more creampie she get’s in the end the better it is. In the begining she takes it a little in her mouth but soon enough this Lucy Lee cames to hot and horny and wants to feel that hard cock in her pussy but not for too long because it’s her ass that she really wants to be blasted and in the end cherry on the cake for this gorgeous babe is lot of creampie on her ass.

Victoria is to hot for porn!

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Victoria is a hot urban hipster who has a fixation for two things, fashion and sex! She works at a part time model and at night she spreads her legs for the camera. This petite all natural beauty has an amazingly fit body and and definitely isn’t shy to take off her clothes off to show off her goods.

As she waits for our stud to come in she preps her tight pussy with a dildo thrusting it in and out of her hole and occasionally sticking it into her mouth to get a taste of her sweet pussy juice. As soon as she locks eyes on cock it immediately goes into her mouth. Victoria gets her pussy stuffed with his fingers while her ass is hiked high in the air and her mouth wrapped around his cock. Victoria can’t wait any longer and hops onto his cock and takes it nice and hard in her warm fuck hole. She continues to take it in a couple more positions till he’s ready to blow his load. Victoria’s pussy feels so good he can’t bare to pull it out, so she tells him to fill her up with his cum. Our stud pumps her up with a creamy load and Victoria spreads wide and lets it slowly drip out onto the floor.

Desperate Denisa Takes A Hard Pounding in Her Cunt

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Denisa is one hot chick and she knows it. She begins by teasing us with a slow strip until she is wearing only black fishnet stockings and strappy heels. She finds a black dildo and begins to play with herself, but there is no doubt that what she really wants is a real man.

Luckily, her guy shows up and her wish is fulfilled. She works his cock until it becomes hard and erect. This is what she wanted she seems to say with her expressive eyes. She puts the dildo down and takes his rock hard cock into her hungry mouth. Denisa knows how to suck a cock and she takes him in deeper and deeper with each passing of her wet lips. His member throbs inside her mouth and she begins to realize that she cannot take it all. Still, she tries, even though his rod gags her and nearly brings tears to her eyes. She moves around to his front and bends over, giving the camera a perfect view of her tight little ass and wet pussy. Like the trooper she is, Denisa goes back to sucking this massive cock until he puts her down on the sofa.

Denisa is on her side as he enters her from behind, drilling her tight snatch with his cock, now slick with her saliva. He pumps her hard and fast as she squirms and wriggles with each deep thrust. When he pinches her perfect nipples, Denisa has to hold back a cry of pleasure.

Her man unloads his cum inside her pussy and fills her to overflowing. Blast after blast of hot cum shoots into her pink, wet cunt until he finally pulls out of her. Denisa opens her legs and squeezes her cunt muscles until his white semen begins to leak out of her and roll down her thighs.

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Horny Claudia Takes Advantage of Her Hot Doctor

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Claudia had the hots for her doctor for as long as she could remember. Dr. Barber was an incredibly handsome man, and though he was very professional, whenever he saw Claudia in his office, he had a difficult time keeping his eyes off her hard nipples protruding from her tight tops. Claudia decided to take advantage of Dr. Barber’s interest in her.

She went to Dr. Barber’s office and, once closed in his private office, she confessed that she had a very embarrassing problem. Concerned, Dr. Barber inquired after her problem. Claudia answered by pulling her top up to show him her large, real breasts. She pinched her nipples and moaned, saying that she had an itch she just couldn’t scratch. Spreading her legs, she ran her hand over her pussy and pointed to her ass, showing Dr. Barber just where the itch was.

Dr. Barber suggested that he should examine her throat first and, taking out his cock, he stuck himself into Claudia’s mouth. She swallowed him, using her pink lips to coax him further into her mouth. He fucked her mouth for while, and then suggested that he examine the specific area where she was having the itch.

Claudia had him sit on the office couch, and then sat on his lap, opening her ass to him and asked if he could see that she needed something hard inserted into her asshole. He rammed his stick into her and she screamed in pleasure. Pounding her ass, he told her the only way to stop her itch was to give her an injection at the site of the itch. She leaned into him as he unloaded his cum into her asshole. As he came, he pushed as deep as he could go into her butt, stretching her hole and leaving his cream to heal Claudia’s bothersome itch.

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