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Jana Loves Jizz

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Jana loves jizz. She loves it everywhere: in her hair, on her face, covering her tits. But her favorite place to have a guy’s cream in flowing from her tight little butthole. Jana loves to have a good creampie at the end of an exciting sex romp, and with her new boyfriend, Ted, that’s exactly what she gets.

Ted likes Jana to do a sexy little strip tease for him; so Jana happily pulled up her tiny denim skirt to show off her thong panties. She knelt down and pulled the thongs away from her pussy, massaging her exposed clit. Then Jana pulled the skirt to the ground and removed her panties. With her pussy completely naked, she turned her attention to her perky tits, which she immediately stripped bare for Ted. She squeezed her little nipples and waited as Ted took off his pants and offered her his rock hard dick.

Jana took Ted’s cock in her mouth and began to suck him dry. She slid her lips over his shaft, massaging his prick with her hand and her tongue. She bobbed her head up and down Ted’s hard shaft for a few minutes and then finally got what she wanted: Ted’s prick buried deep in her throbbing pussy.

Placing Jana on her knees on the couch, Ted got behind her and spread her ass cheeks so he could see her soaked pussy lips and her puckered asshole. Ted slipped his finger into Jana’s butt and then drove his cock into her twat. She loved the pounding of Ted’s prick as he penetrated her and it wasn’t long before she was coming and screaming for Ted to fill her ass with cum. Ted pulled his cock from her cunt and opened her tight asshole with it. He went as deep as he could go, banging into Jana’s ass over and over until he released his jizz into her hole. Jana moaned in pleasure as Ted pulled his dick away and all his cum came streaming out of her creampie.

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Morgan's Moon Pie

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Morgan is a very serious career woman. She often says she would do anything to further her television career. So when Morgan went to a casting call, she wasn’t offended when the director said she could have the part if she fucked him; in fact, Morgan didn’t say anything, she just started to strip.

Morgan pulled her top up and rubbed her big tits together. She pulled her shirt over her head and then pulled up the hem of her skirt. The director was pleased to see that Morgan was prepared: she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her naked clam was just waiting to be fucked, and it was already wet when Morgan took her fingers and spread it open. She sat on the couch and opened her legs wide, revealing every fold of her cunt. She rubbed her little clit for the director, letting her juices make her fingers wet and slippery.

Finally, Morgan got between the director’s legs and took his rod into her mouth. He watched as his huge prick disappeared between her plump lips. He pushed Morgan’s head down onto his dick, making Morgan take all 8 inches into her mouth. After fucking her mouth for a while, he knew he was ready to stick his cock in her tight holes.

The director lay down behind Morgan on the couch and drove his prick deep into her soaking wet snatch. She loved feeling every inch of him penetrate her tight pussy, and she spread her legs as wide as she could for him. He pounded his cock deeper into Morgan’s pussy, and he was about to cum when she stopped him, pulled his dick from her cunt and got on her knees begging him to fill her asshole with his jizz. Getting behind Morgan, he plunged his cock deep into her tight ass. Her butthole opened for him and made him pump harder and harder into her until he exploded. After he pulled his cock from Morgan’s ass, she spread her ass cheeks so he could watch his cum pour from her hole.

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Lora's Creamy Pie

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Lora is a good girl. She never swears, doesn’t talk back to her parents, and she never skips work. But Lora has a new boyfriend who loves to fuck Lora and is teaching her all kinds of bad things. Lora didn’t know it, but one night after work, her boyfriend had a plan to fill Lora’s tight twat with his creamy cum and film her pussy dripping with jizz.

After hiding the camera, Lora’s boyfriend called Lora into the bedroom for a little fun. Lora gladly stripped off her clothes, showing off her beautiful perfect tits and her lacey panties for her boyfriend. The hidden camera recorded Lora as she pulled her panties to the side and massaged her little clit, making it swollen and slick with her pussy juices. As soon as she was soaking through her panties, Lora pulled her panties down and dropped to her knees with her lips parted, begging her boyfriend for his hard rod.

He obliged and stuck his cock deep in Lora’s throat. She groaned in delight, feeling her boyfriend’s hard prick fill her mouth the same way it was about to fill her tight pussy. Lora bobbed her head over her boyfriend’s prick, deep throating him and letting him go balls deep in her mouth.

Finally, Lora told her boyfriend she needed to be fucked. Her boyfriend sat on the bed and had Lora sit on his lap but facing the hidden camera. He opened her legs wide so the camera could catch every fold of her clam and every drop of her pussy juice. Then he jammed his cock deep into Lora’s cunt. She screamed with pleasure and in a second was cumming all over his rock hard prick. Her cream made his cock wet enough to go even deeper into her pussy, and he finally ejaculated deep in Lora’s quivering cunt. As he pulled her dick from her pussy, he made she kept her legs open so the camera could film the jizz dripping out of her well-fucked twat.

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Slippery Simone Slips Some Semen Inside

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

When Simone came into the acting studio, she didn’t know what to expect. She was just responding to an ad in the newspaper calling for models. The director of the photo shoot was the only one in the room, and he asked Simone to take off her clothes so he could see her body. She obliged, pulling her t-shirt off over her head, and then pulling down her jeans to reveal matching bra and panties. The director said he needed to see all of her body, and asked her to touch herself a little. Simone found she was turned on by the offer, so she began to run her hands over her tight, tanned body, playing with her clit through her panties. Once she had soaked them, she pulled her panties off and spread her long legs for the director.

As soon as he saw her slippery pussy, the director knew he had to have Simone. He took off his own clothes and walked over to her, taking her head and sliding his cock into her mouth. She swallowed his prick, sucking and licking him.

When he had his fill of her mouth, he decided to fill her asshole. The director told Simone to pose on the couch, and she did, getting on her hands and knees with her tiny little ass sticking up in the air to reveal her pink holes. Simone started to rub her clit and the director shoved his hard rod into Simone’s ass. Surprised, Simone let out a howl, and then began to enjoy the pounding prick. Watching his cock disappear into Simone’s asshole was all the director needed to see to make him cum; he squirted his load into Simone’s orifice. She kept her little butt exposed for him so he could see the creampie he had made.

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Anica Loves Her Pussy and Ass Stretched and Filled with Cum

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Anica loves sex, and you can tell just how much she craves it when you watch her fuck. When Anica was asked to do an independent porn film, she jumped at the chance to suck and fuck a new guy. She hungered for new cocks!

When Anica got to the movie shoot, she was eager to get naked for the camera. As soon as the tape was rolling, Anica began to strip, first removing her tiny skirt and then her even tinier top, leaving her in her bra and thong panties. Anica took down her bra, showing the camera and her partner the small, perky titties that were hidden inside. Then she lay on her back and pulled her panties down her long thighs revealing her tight, wet twat.

Anica’s partner, John, dove into her shaved clam immediately, licking her until she was soaked and then spreading her thighs as wide as they would go. John drove his cock deep inside Anica’s twitching cunt, making her scream for more. Once his dick was slick from her juices, John pulled himself out of Anica’s pussy and began his tight squeeze into her little asshole.

John pushed Anica wider and wider, making her little butt hole accommodate his huge rod. As he went deeper, Anica began to purr like a kitten, murmuring that she was about to cum. That made John begin to fuck her harder, shoving his entire length deep inside her hole. Anica screamed with pleasure when John move the last inch of his cock into her stretched ass.

Grabbing her ass cheeks, Anica opened herself a little more for John’s hot, hard fuck stick. John gripped Anica and slid his hardness as far as he could go, finally releasing all of his creamy white load into her asshole. As he pulled out of her, Anica pushed her fingers into her hole and squeezed John’s cream onto her fingers so she could lick up the delicious drops.

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