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Anal Virgin Ariana Takes A Thick Cock In Her Ass

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Ariana is a super horny waitress in restaurant where she gets hit on all the time. Today we were lucky enough to be the first to flirt with her and were rewarded with an amazingly hardcore dripping creampie video. Watch as Ariana takes a thick cock deep into her ass!

Stacey Gets Her Tight Ass Stretched Wide

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Getting most bitches to take a load in the ass is not the easiest task. But Stacey loves it! Stacey’s asshole is always happy to be penetrated and violated in the most erotic of ways. Stacey will take dildos and vibrators to herself at home, but her favorite thing is when her ass is filled with a hot stud’s sticky load.

Slut Gets An Assload Of Hot Cum

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

A insanely slutty brunette with huge tits and a plump round ass gets worked over in this hot anal creampie video. Watch as she rubs her wet shaved pussy while her ass is repeatedly pounded over and over and over.

Insatiable Alena Rides Throbbing Cock

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Alena is one of the dirtiest little chicks we’ve come across so far. Her appetite for cock is incredible and her willingness to pull down her panties for a deep pussy fucking is fantastic. Watch as she gets brutally fucked and creampied in this hot gallery!

Hot Milf Gets Ass Filled With Cock And Cum

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Hot older MILF with an unstoppable appetite for hardcore sex takes a big cock in her ass in this hot photo gallery. Watch as she takes anal sex like a pornstar and even starts to enjoy it right as her ass fills up with a load of cum and starts dripping out of her butt. Hot creampie action in this one!

Romana Gets A Good Ass Fucking

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

This amazing slut Romana came to us looking to make some cash, said she was willing to do anything, so we flipped her around and shoved our dicks in her ass until she was dripping with cum, all while keeping the cameras rolling. Check out her massive dripping creampie!

Hottie Takes A Thick Juicy Load Up Her Ass

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Sexy Hottie Takes A Thick Load

Lucy Lee comes in the guys house take the money in advance , then start to kiss him , lick him, lick his balls and his body and then … you know, in a few words spread her legs for his serious dick.

She likes to be fucked in all her holes but in the ass she likes most , and more creampie she get’s in the end the better it is. In the begining she takes it a little in her mouth but soon enough this Lucy Lee cames to hot and horny and wants to feel that hard cock in her pussy but not for too long because it’s her ass that she really wants to be blasted and in the end cherry on the cake for this gorgeous babe is lot of creampie on her ass.

Nikki gets wet

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Getting Nikki wet was easy. This chick loves to fuck, suck, and do anything that turns her on. And with her new boyfriend Julian, she’s found a man who can fulfill all of her dreams. One afternoon when they are watching a movie, Nikki decides that she wants to try something a little different.

Pointing to her neatly trimmed pussy, Nikki told Julian to start sucking on her the way she likes it. He licked up and down her already wet slit, making her moan and wriggle with each touch of his tongue. She loved the way his mouth moved on her and she could spend hours just pushing her snatch onto his face.

But she had other plans.

Moving down to his cock, she pushed him back onto the sofa and began to suck his huge rod. Taking every inch into her mouth, she lapped at his shaft and sucked on it until he was just on the edge of cumming. Nikki knew she gave great head and she smiled as she looked up at him while her head bobbed up and down. She teased the tip of his cock for a while until he was exactly where she wanted him.

Though she could have sucked him forever, she wanted him to cum inside of her ass today. While they had done this before, she wanted to make him a little something special. Lying on top of Julian, Nikki thrust his cock into her ass and bounced up and down. Her natural breasts with their huge nipples were getting more erect as the cool air of the afternoon blew into the room. It wasn’t long before Julian blew his load into her gaping ass.

Fingering herself, she took his seed to her lips and smiled. This was a creampie, she said. And he couldn’t wait for sloppy seconds.

Creampie for Ursula

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Ursula was a young woman who loved picking up men at local bars. She would ask them to come back to her apartment, and then she would surprise them with an all night orgy sessions. But one night Ursula found herself with a man who wanted more than just her pussy.

Ursula’s new man admired Ursula as she stripped for him. She started with her dress, slowly untying the strings and letting the top down to reveal her perky tits. She squeezed her boobs and played with her nipples until they were hard. Then she slowly spread her legs, revealing to her man that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She reached between her thighs and began massaging her wet clit. As she touched herself, her clit swelled with pleasure and her pussy got soaking wet. Once she was completely naked, Ursula was ready for a good pussy fuck.

She sat down on her man’s lap and opened her legs. She fingered her pussy as she slid down her man’s rock hard shaft. She felt him fill her up and then groaned as her pussy stretched wide to let the rest of his enormous prick into her. Ursula rode that huge cock, bouncing up and down until he hit just the right spot. She felt her pussy clench and release her juices all down her man’s cock.

Then Ursula was surprised when her new man pushed her to the couch and rolled her onto her stomach. She arched her back, ready to let him fuck her quivering cunt again, when she felt him shove his prick deep into her ass. She gasped, and then pushed back into him, letting him get a deep as he could. Soon Ursula was cumming again, and her tightening hole pulsed around her man’s cock until he let go of his thick cum. He pulled out of Ursula’s hole so he could see the creamy pie he had made.

Lucie’s Creampie Surprise

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

“Stroke it for me,” he ordered, and Lucie obeyed immediately. She cut short her teasing dance and collapsed backwards onto her boyfriend’s sofa, spreading her legs far and wide, giving him a full view of her swollen pink pussy. He nodded and she went at it, seductively licking two fingers before slipping them into her wet hole, quivering with delight. She paused now and then to stroke the length of her trembling labia and trace sweet little circles around her throbbing pink clit. Before long, she was breathing hard, and her boyfriend watched in anticipation and her hips began to buck under her skillful manipulations.

“Enough,” he said, and she rose at once. He came forward and she backed into him, relishing the feeling of his tense cock pressing against the cleft of her soft, round ass She reached between her legs to guide it into her dripping pussy when she stopped her. “I think that’s had enough,” were his only words as he held her firmly in place and slipped his massive cock between her voluminous cheeks and into her waiting ass. She gasped in shock and tightened around him in surprise, which only strengthen his resolve.

He began to pump in and out of her tight, perfect ass, all the while fondling her sweet plump breasts with two strong hands. As he worked faster and faster, Lucie listened to the sound of his moaning and knew he had no plans to stop. Just the thought of being filled up from behind with warm, sticky cum was enough to make her climax at once. Her ass went tight around his cock as her pussy began to convulse in wave after wave of pleasure. Her own orgasm was still in full effect when she felt him begin to thrust harder and faster, almost desperate to cum. She pushed her hungry ass back against him and that was all it took. He came instantly, filling her up with burst after burst of thick white cum. As it began to drip out of her and mixed with the hot cum that her pussy had expelled just seconds prior, she let out a sigh of contented relief and slipped off of her lover’s cock, falling to the floor totally spent.

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