Lora's Creamy Pie

Lora is a good girl. She never swears, doesn’t talk back to her parents, and she never skips work. But Lora has a new boyfriend who loves to fuck Lora and is teaching her all kinds of bad things. Lora didn’t know it, but one night after work, her boyfriend had a plan to fill Lora’s tight twat with his creamy cum and film her pussy dripping with jizz.

After hiding the camera, Lora’s boyfriend called Lora into the bedroom for a little fun. Lora gladly stripped off her clothes, showing off her beautiful perfect tits and her lacey panties for her boyfriend. The hidden camera recorded Lora as she pulled her panties to the side and massaged her little clit, making it swollen and slick with her pussy juices. As soon as she was soaking through her panties, Lora pulled her panties down and dropped to her knees with her lips parted, begging her boyfriend for his hard rod.

He obliged and stuck his cock deep in Lora’s throat. She groaned in delight, feeling her boyfriend’s hard prick fill her mouth the same way it was about to fill her tight pussy. Lora bobbed her head over her boyfriend’s prick, deep throating him and letting him go balls deep in her mouth.

Finally, Lora told her boyfriend she needed to be fucked. Her boyfriend sat on the bed and had Lora sit on his lap but facing the hidden camera. He opened her legs wide so the camera could catch every fold of her clam and every drop of her pussy juice. Then he jammed his cock deep into Lora’s cunt. She screamed with pleasure and in a second was cumming all over his rock hard prick. Her cream made his cock wet enough to go even deeper into her pussy, and he finally ejaculated deep in Lora’s quivering cunt. As he pulled her dick from her pussy, he made she kept her legs open so the camera could film the jizz dripping out of her well-fucked twat.

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