Sinful Cindy Dollar Gets Creamed

Cindy Dollar is one sinfully sweet piece of ass. And everyone in the porn industry knows it. She loves to have a huge cock shoved deep in her ass, and she gets it as often as she can. Cindy loves to have her tight little hole filled with her man’s slick cream; she’s a sexy girl with a dirty, dirty mind.

Cindy was lonely one afternoon. She wanted to get a little fucking in before she went to work so she could get warmed up for her big anal scene. So she grabbed her neighbor Scott whom she barely knew and dragged him into her apartment. Scott stood in the doorway amazed at his luck as Cindy began to strip off her clothes for him. First she removed her top, letting her pink perky nipples get a glimpse of sunlight. Then she pulled up her skirt to show Scott her slippery wet naked pussy. Scott felt his cock begin to throb with the possibility of getting into that pink hole.

Before he knew it, Cindy had pulled his pants down and was kneeling in front of him, gripping his dick. As he watched, Cindy slid his dick deep into her throat, taking all 9 inches of his manhood between her lips like the pro she is. She slurped up and down his rod until Scott thought he was going to blow his load into her mouth. Then Cindy stood up and made Scott sit on the couch. He knew he was in for a treat when she turned her back toward him and settled her perfect ass over his rock hard erection.

Scott buried his prick deep inside Cindy’s waiting asshole. She screamed with pleasure and pain as he began to fuck her hole. Scott grabbed Cindy’s hips and drove himself deeper and deeper until he couldn’t wait any longer: Scott emptied his balls into Cindy’s butt, filling her up with cum until it spilled out onto the couch.


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